Hello Readers! It’s been a while and I hope that all is well with all of you. I wanted to share this article with all of the married ladies and those that desire to be. I really like tip #2. Enjoy!

I woke up this morning thinking of some of the giants waiting for me to get out of bed. What’s funny is that they appeared smaller than they were yesterday and less of a threat to me. I am thankful today for a new perspective. Although the giants have not changed, my ability to defeat […]


Our children are such a blessing to us. God has given us the awesome responsibility to love them and raise them to walk in the way that they should go. As parents we do everything we can to protect them and make sure that others understand that you DON’T mess with MY baby! That being […]

It’s ONLY because of His grace that I am what I am! I Corinthians 15:10 This word spoken by Pastor Daren Carstens spoke life to me in a recent sermon. It not only affirmed to me just how much I NEED GOD, but I had an amazing revelation…All that I am and everything God has […]

Have you ever woke up feeling like you have been in a fight? Or just plain beat up and tired due to circumstances. Well, I have too! And that’s when I decided that I could no longer give in to LIFE! I had had enough of life living me and me not living life.  It […]

While running errands, I overheard a lady express to the woman at the front desk that her husband committed suicide and that she had just had a baby. She was fresh out of the hospital still in pain and everything! Man, my heart just went out to her and her new baby. I could not […]

I was reminded of a quote I heard by Pastor Craig Groeschel that said, “God uses those the most who hold on to the least”.  When we make Him the Lord of our life we are surrendering everything to Him…(at least we should be) and that should include OURSELVES. We no longer have the right to […]